Safety First

The total safety and well-being of guests is our primary focus at Fun World. Which is why our rigorous maintenance efforts are an integral part of our daily safety routine.

Before we start the day, our skilled maintenance technicians and operations staff inspect and double-check every ride and attraction thoroughly. Each of these employees has received rigorous training in both general safety procedures and specific safety measures of the attraction they operate. This team is always on-ground, inspecting rides through the day and answering any questions on ride limitations and safety signs.

We know that you will enjoy the rides only if the water is clean. To ensure this, we have put together a dedicated team to provide you fresh water that’s crystal clear and hygienic. We treat our water with filtration, purification, and disinfection technology. This water maintenance protocol is an effective safeguard against a wide range of waterborne diseases.

Each of our rides and attractions strictly adheres to industry standards, and our very own in-house R&D team is constantly working towards making them safer and more enjoyable with the latest seatbelts, anti-friction locks, and so on.

So come over to have a safe and enjoyable time at Fun World!