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Welcome to Bangalore's most enchanting wonderland! Get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with heart-pounding rides, captivating shows, and delightful treats. Our amusement park in Bangalore offers endless fun for everyone, ensuring unforgettable memories for families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike. Come join the magic and create cherished moments together!

Safety First: Our Amusement Park Takes Your Fun Seriously!

At our amusement park in Bengaluru, your safety is our top priority. We follow strict safety guidelines, conduct regular inspections, and have trained staff for both water & non-water rides to ensure you have a blast with peace of mind!

Splash, Spin, Soar: Your Ultimate
Family Escape Awaits!

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    Adrenaline Rides

    Calling all thrill-seekers to experience the rush of our adrenaline rides! In our amusement park and water park in Banglore, these high-octane attractions will leave you breathless and exhilarated. Brave daring loops, wild drops, and heart-pounding speeds as you challenge yourself to the ultimate adventure.
    Feel the adrenaline surge through your veins on these mind-blowing rides designed for adrenaline junkies. Visit us and unleash your inner daredevil!

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    Land Rides

    Discover a world of excitement and joy on our thrilling land rides at the amusement park. From the classic carousel to the heart-pounding roller coasters, there's something for everyone. Riders of all ages can experience delightful adventures as they twist, turn, and soar through the air.
    Gather your loved ones and share moments of laughter and bonding on these incredible attractions. Get ready for a day filled with endless fun and cherished memories!

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    Water Rides

    Dive into aquatic excitement with our fantastic water rides at the water park. From twisting water slides to lazy rivers, it's a watery paradise for all ages. Kids can splash and play on kids rides in the water park, while adults seek thrill on adult rides in the water park.
    Families can bond on the entertaining family rides in the water park. And if you crave intense thrills, adrenaline rides in Bangalore's water park are guaranteed to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Get soaked in a world of fun!

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    Kids Rides

    Designed with little adventurers in mind, our kids' rides in the amusement park and water park offer safe and enchanting experiences. From gentle carousels to mini water slides, children will be all smiles.

    Parents can join the fun or watch proudly from the sidelines as their kids create cherished memories on our specially curated rides. Safety is our top priority, ensuring worry-free enjoyment for the whole family.

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    Family Rides

    Families seeking shared moments of joy will love our diverse range of family rides in the amusement park and water park. Whether it's a thrilling coaster ride or a relaxing boat trip, these attractions cater to all generations.

    Family rides in the amusement park and water park provide youngsters with the chance to explore alongside their loved ones. So gather your family and embark on a day full of laughter and bonding!

Park Attractions

Get ready to be mesmerized by a world of captivating park attractions that beckon with promises of unforgettable adventures and wondrous encounters.

Amusement Park

Prepare to be immersed in a world of excitement, and boundless joy

Water Park

Escape the summer heat and embark on an aquatic adventure!

Snow City

Experience the thrill of winter without leaving the city!

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