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Welcome to Water World! An Aquatic Realm of Joy

A heavenly place to immerse yourself in an oasis of joy.


Get Ready for an Unforgettable Water Park Experience

Dive deep into the thrills of our water park!


Excitement is Alright!
But Being Safe is Also Fun

Experience the thrill at Funworld Amusement and Waterworld! Excitement is just the beginning of your adventure. Our priority is your safety. We've been providing fun and safe entertainment for families since 1990. Our water park is the perfect place to cool off during the hot summer.

Navigate the Intense Thrills With More Care
Ride the Waves of Adventure, 48'' and Above

You Can't Resist Coming to Water World

Nothing's better than an electrifying experience at amusement parks, trying all the crazy rides for stress therapy.
27 Thrilling Water Rides
Embark on a Aquatic Journey With Heart Throbbing Rides.
A Topical Paradise
Have a relaxing day at cabanas or unwind yourself in serene pools, enjoy to the fullest.
Irresistible Delicacies and Beverages
Refresh yourself during the aquatic journey with our most savoury dishes and beverages.
Luxurious Amenities
Relax and elevate your every moment into a lavish escape.
Extremely Safe Environment
Our extreme safety measures will peacefully let you dive into a state of excitement and fun.
Have tons of fun with value for money deals at affordable rates.

What Inspires Your Journey to the Water World?


Crystal Clear Water Quality

Water World offers you superior quality water with PH level between 7.2-7.8, protecting your skin from irritation and eyes from cloudiness.


Impressive architecture

Discover our aqua realm adorned with mesmerising infrastructure marvels.


Periodic Maintenance Sessions

We are committed towards your safety. Our regular inspections and maintenance sessions ensure it.


Aquatic Play System for all Ages

Our dynamic aquatic play system ensures endless excitement for all, making your day at Water World an unforgettable journey of joy.


Weekend Themes

Enhance your weekend experience with our captivating special themes and elevate your water world adventure.


Guardians at Duty

Our experienced and trained lifeguards persistently safeguard you and your loved ones.


Customers' Reviews

Nothing's better than an electrifying experience at amusement parks
Divakshi Bhardwaj
@Divakshi Bhardwaj
The very fun place went there with my colleagues, and it was so much fun, enjoyed it a lot! The rides & activities were so good, worth every single penny! 👌🏻😁
Pankaj Shrivastavnkaj
@Pankaj Shrivastav
Very good to place to have fun time with family and friends. Kids friendly rides in Water park and in Amusement park. 👌🏻😁
Sanjay Kumar
@Sanjay Kumar
I had an amazing time at this place with my colleagues. It was an absolute blast, and I had a great time! The rides & activities were outstanding, definitely worth the visit! 👏😃
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