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The management has put all efforts to keep all rides & attractions operational, however it is possible that some of the rides or attractions may not be fully operational at all times due to technical/repairs & maintenance/electricity or power failure.

Park is not responsible & does not assume any liability for any damage, loss, disappearance, theft, or any other form of alteration, physical or otherwise to your personal belongings.

The use of Park facilities is entirely at your own risk.

You are liable for any alteration or damage, loss, theft, physical or otherwise, to Park property caused by your negligence, omission or non-compliance to any of the rules & regulations of the Park.

You may be photographed/videographed during your visit to the Park & such photographs/video recordings may be used by park premises for promotional purposes without any monetary compensation.

Park reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions at its discretion without prior notice.

Disputes subject to Bengaluru jurisdiction.

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