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Your Partner In Park Excellence

We specialize in manufacturing top-tier park rides and offer a comprehensive spectrum of theme park maintenance and repair solutions.

Theme Park Ride Manufacturing
Fun World is a renowned amusement park manufacturer in India. Using modern tech + design, we combine functionality and aesthetics to offer B2B amusement park services according to your needs.

Amusement Park Ride Manufacturing

Experience the thrill and wonder of amusement parks with our adrenaline-packed rides. Immerse your visitors in excitement like never before.

Water Park Ride Manufacturing

Provide refreshing adventures for all ages with our innovative water park rides. Let your visitors engage in aquatic fun and unforgettable experiences.

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Why Choose Us?

Customized Park Experiences

Recognizing the unique identity of each park, our rides integrate seamlessly, enhancing your theme and enriching visitors' experiences.

From Simplicity to Complexity

Whether you're looking for family-friendly attractions or heart-pounding rides, we can transform your concepts into reality. We embrace challenges to bring your visions to life.

Tapping into Vast Industry Expertise

With honed skills and extensive knowledge, we create standout rides that elevate your park's attractions and visitor satisfaction.

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Uncompromising Safety Standards

Safety is paramount in our design. Our rides surpass industry norms, ensuring a secure environment for everyone's enjoyment.

Innovating with Cutting-Edge Technology

Incorporating advanced amusement park maintenance systems, our rides redefine the forefront of your park. Interactive elements and innovative features set you apart.

Consulting and Holistic Project Management

Your project is in good hands. Our consultancy offers expert guidance on park growth, ride selection, and project management. Supported by seasoned professionals, we ensure a seamless journey from inception to realization.

Whether it's creativity, feasibility, or timely execution, we're devoted to bringing your vision to life.

Connect with Us to Begin Your Success Story

Whether it's creativity, feasibility, or timely execution, we're devoted to bringing your vision to life.

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Our Services

Below are some of our services. Contact us now to get a customized quote according to your preferences.

Enhanced Ride Experiences

Infuse fresh excitement into existing rides. Our skilled modifications breathe new life into familiar attractions.


Restoration of Aging Rides

Revive aging rides comprehensively. Our team restores charm and functionality, enhancing the appeal of your attractions.


State-of-the-Art Ride

Experience precision and reliability with our cutting-edge ride control systems. Ensure seamless operations for a smooth visitor experience.


Effortless Ride Transfers

Planning to relocate? Rely on us for hassle-free ride relocation and precise installation, leaving a lasting impact.


Comprehensive Parts Solutions

Ensure uninterrupted operation with complete spare parts coverage. Our specialized part fabrication guarantees seamless functionality.



Explore a sneak peek of our spectacular rides. From the thrilling 'Break Dance Ride' to the classic 'Columbus' ride, Sky Drop, Tsunami, our portfolio oozes excitement.

Let's Connect

Let's discuss how we can help your park reach its full potential. Whether it's introducing new rides, upgrades, or solutions, we're here to assist.
From commissioning fresh attractions to sourcing spare parts, we provide comprehensive support.



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